The ergonomic chair that
feels as good as it looks.

Auxilium Chair

Why Lightn?

Customizable back support.

Customizable lumbar support that gives your back support regardless of the positions you work in.

Decor made affordable.

We brought together modern design and ergonomics for a beautiful yet affordable chair hair.

The free trial. 

With free shipping and free returns for 30 days. You get to try the chair for free.

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Enter the

Lightn Auxilium Chair

Custom lumbar support that you can adjust for any position. Articulating headrest ready to cradle your neck on any break. A tailored memory foam seat that cradles your tailbone for longer sitting. Free trial with free shipping and 30 days to return.


What our early customers are saying


This chair feels amazing, the cushion is so comfortable. I was very surprised with the arm rests, they are so supportive and I like to rest my arms on them while I'm typing. The lumbar support is great, it supports my back so that when I'm sitting I have better posture and less muscle cramps later. I was a little skeptical about trying the new design from Lightn but everything is great thus far!

Lynne B.

This is a simple office desk chair with breathable mesh on the back, and 3D mesh on the seat and lumbar support. The lumbar support is modest but definitely there. The head rest is a really nice feature. 

David S.

A wonderfully comfortable chair, that assembled quickly and easily.

Robin B

I sit in a chair for a bit portion of my day so having a good one is incredible important to me. After having assembled this chair, it clearly is a great one. Assembly was easy and instructions were clear, all the bolts were packaged in a very organized way which I really appreciated. The chair itself is so comfortable. 

Willis W

We have been redecorating my daughters room, sold a bed and got a lot of space so this has been perfect!

Main advantage of this chair is the cool design: I like the colors, the blue and grey are great. It took us about 20 minutes to assemble but thats because we had a little “helper” with us :)

Samantha S

I love the price point. I know many more of us are working from. home offices, as am I. This is a far superior desk chair than the folding beach plastic webbed contraption I had been using in my office.

Darcy D

Lightn vs the others.

Here is how the Lightn Auxilium chair compares to others.

What makes the Auxilium Chair special?

Custom lumbar support made to keep you healthy.


Using the T-Bar is simple.

Sit Straight

Adjust your body so you are sitting as far back in the seat as possible so that the back of the chair follows your spine.

Adjust the T-Bar Vertically

The Bar should be sitting slightly above your hips for a proper fit.

Feel the Support

Work harder at your desk and feel more energetic when you leave it.

A seat so comfy, you forget you're sitting.


A chair that supports your head.

30 Day Free Trial


The ergonomic chair that feels as good as it looks.

Lightn Auxilium Chair
Regular price $345


Auxilium arrives at your doorstep in 11-13 weeks.

The first ergonomic chair to bring customizable lumbar support at a fair price. Our uniquely designed T-Bar lumbar piece offers the perfect combination of comfort and versatility to keep you healthy at and away from your desk. The seat was designed to support a healthy combination of comfort and hamstring activation so you feel good through your entire day. This isn't a normal chair.

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Free Shipping + Free Returns

Every Lightn chair ships free. If you don't love the chair, we offer free 30-day returns once it touches your doorstep. That means we pay for return shipping. No hidden fees here.


Lightn T-Bar: Uncompromising vertically adjustable lumbar support that moves wherever you do.

Seat: Health-oriented memory foam seat that offers a perfect combination between comfort and hamstring activation for healthy long term sitting

Headrest: A headrest that lets your you relax from head to toe

Quad Looped Mesh: A Korean sean mesh that flexes however your body needs to. Used on the back and headrest of the chair.

Arm Rest: Flat based arms for supportive typing and writing

Triple Lock Mechanism: Tilt to a full 60 degrees with the triple lock mechanism. You can lock yourself in place, no matter how far you lean.


Weight Limit: 260lbs

Height Limits: 5'0 - 6'4

Dimensions: Scroll to last picture above.

Assembly: Tool included and requires less than 15 minutes.

The Auxiliums most recent reviews.


Chair is solid. Super comfy and it looks great. I wish the arm rests were an inch lower though.

Brad H

I love how the chair looks and feels! 

Stephanie L

I really love the chair, as I do a lot of Zoom stuff and it is nice to lean back into the headrest. The lumbar support is really nice.

Bruce B.

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