Our story.

Lightn was founded to build better spaces so you can do anything & nothing.

Every idea starts with a problem. Our problem started in 2017, our first year we started to work at home after college. It was great at first, slippers and late wake up times made life seem like a breeze. 

After a few months though, reality began to kick in. We realized the room we were spending all of our day in was one of the most abused. We had always studied at libraries at school, so we never thought about putting any though into an office outside of a desk and an old chair. The room just didn’t feel like a good place to work and we felt like a little down - could we really change the world in here?

So we decided it was time for a change. We started organizing, investing in products that helped us stayed focused and wouldn’t you know we started to feel better. We weren’t just more creative, but we felt better mentally. Like we could change the world in a way.

Fast forward to 2020, our friends began working from home like us, and we had a bunch of people asking what sort of stuff we used in our offices. We thought why can’t we make the products that made a positive impact on our lives but a little bit better.

So that’s what we did. The products you see on Lightn are products we use in our home. They are here to help you accomplish more while adding a hint of pride to your workspace.  Ohh and they are good for the planet too. They represent our push for ambitious work that can change the world, but also a desire too for wonderful homes that happy times foster. We couldn’t be more proud.

Jason and Austin