The chair your back
and wallet both love.

Lightn Ergonomic Chair

Normal desk chairs aren't great.

Back Aches

Normal chairs don't offer sufficent back support - they look comfy without actually being comfy.

Uncomfortable Seat

Most chair cushions lose their comfort after a few months of use.

Mental Exhaustion

All thoese aches and pains cause stress - making it harder to focus on what you actually need to get done.

Enter The

Lightn Ergonomic Chair

- Lumbar support that lets you forget aches and focus

- Articulating headrest for full body & mind rest

- Memory foam seat that always keeps its shape


The ergonomic chair for the masses.

New arrival

Lightn Ergonomic Chair
Regular price $225


The Lightn Ergonomic Chair brings uncompromising back and lumbar support at an unmatched value. Every inch of the chair, from the lumbar cushion to the perforated mesh backing was designed to give your back more natural support. It’s the perfect chair for anyone looking to start their journey to ergonomic work.

Free Shipping

Every Lightn chair ships free straight to your door. The Lightn Ergonomic chair even comes with a 30-day free trial. 


Lumbar Support: The ergonomic chair’s lumbar support cradles your most delicate vertebrae in the exact way you need.

Memory Foam Cushion: A cushion offers a middle ground between firm and soft; and will hold its shape for years to come.

Headrest: The special C-shaped headrest with vertical adjustment gives your neck the opportunity to relax through the day.

Backrest: The breathable premium mesh backrest allows for a subtle stretch, along with gentle resistance force, which perfectly cradles your spine and back in the most natural, upright posture.

Handrest: The leather hand rest cushions are just as comfy and resilient and were designed to fit under most desks. 

Raising And Lower: Adjust the seat height, customize seat tilt, and lock the seat from tilting with an adjustment switch.


Weight Limit: 260lbs

Height Limits: 5'0 - 6'4 

Dimensions: Scroll through images above

Don't take our word for it


This chair feels amazing, the cushion is so comfortable. I was very surprised with the arm rests, they are so supportive and I like to rest my arms on them while I'm typing. It takes so much stress off of my wrists to be able to rest my arms perfectly and type. The lumbar support is great, it supports my back so that when I'm sitting I have better posture and less muscle cramps later. 

Lynne B.

This is a simple office desk chair with breathable mesh on the back, and 3D mesh on the seat and lumbar support. The lumbar support is modest but definitely there. The head rest is a really nice feature.

David S.

A wonderfully comfortable chair, that assembled quickly and easily.

Robin B.

I sit in a chair for a bit portion of my day so having a good one is incredible important to me. After having assembled this chair, it clearly is a great one. Assembly was easy and instructions were clear, all the bolts were packaged in a very organized way which I really appreciated. The chair itself is so comfortable. 

Willis W

We have been redecorating my daughters room, sold a bed and got a lot of space so this has been perfect!

Main advantage of this chair is the cool design: I like the colors, the legs. It took us about 40 minutes to assemble but thats because we had a little “helper” with us :)

Samantha S.

I love the price point. I know many more of us are working from. home offices, as am I. 🎼This is a far superior desk chair than the folding beach plastic webbed contraption I had been using in my office.

Darcy D

Chair arrived today. Easy to assemble, clear instructions. It's very comfortable. A couple things, I'm 5'3 and my head does reach the head rest. The head rest isn't movable height wise (up and down) but it will tilt forward or back. The lumbar provides good support, but also, not adjustable up or down. It fits under my standard height desk and adjusts up and down easily and smoothly.

Jessica N

Great chair- especially for the price. It’s way better than the more expensive one I have at work. I have spent many many hours in it each day for that’s few months and am really happy with the day long support. It’s easy to assemble also. My only complaint is that if you get the lighter color grey (which is a nice change from black and quite attractive in real life) and you rest your feet on the leg/feet of the chair, you will get black scuff marks from your shoes on it and it starts to look bad.

Georgia S.

Finally a chair with a seat that doesn't rub the back of my knees because the seat depth is too big. I needed a seat depth under 19 inches. I'm 5'3" with a short waist and long legs. This chair fits a petite frame perfectly and is height adjustable.

Marie T.

Just got the chair so this is my initial impression. Packaging was good. Assembly was easy, and the instructions were pretty good. The bolts are clearly labeled, so no guessing games, just find the right bolt and screw it in. The only hard part was getting the back bolted on, but it wasn't terrible. If you've put together any office chair it's about the same as any others.

Andrew B.

30-day happiness guarantee.