Less eye strain with
the spin of a dial.

Lightn Lightbar

The problem.

Eye Sore

Extended time sitting in dark room in front of a light screen causes your pupils to overwork themselves.

Cluttered Space

Your standard lamp can take up valuable desk space and commonly causes glaring on your screen

Screen Glare

Most lamps use a single bulb that can only create one color or brightness of light.

Enter the

Lightn Lightbar

- Reduces eye strain but evenly lighting space around screen.

- Wireless dial adjusts brightness and color temp with just a spin.

- Asymetric lighting stops light glare on screen.


Fight eye strain.

Adjust with just a spin.

More open spaces.

More movement for more monitors.

Glare be gone.

The light that reduces eye strain with just a spin.

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Don't take our word for it


So I had never given any thought to needing a light bar over my computer monitor. After all, the monitor emits its own light. But the light bar made a bigger difference than I’d anticipated, and in fact, within a few hours of deploying it at work, two other people immediately noticed the difference and ordered ones for themselves

Chris W

I'm floored. This light is unobtrusive and minimally noticeable when off and provides enough light to not get in the way of the darkness that I enjoy while coding. I was also shocked by how easy it was to *hang* off the monitor. 


This is the 3rd desktop monitor led lightbar I've bought and the BEST. The first two were from different companies. The first light bar was returned. The second one kept falling off the monitor. So, I wanted one that was sturdy, had a good mounting mechanism to the monitor, would be wide (I have a 32" curved screen monitor) and had a switch on the power cord. The light bars with controls on the unit kept falling off the monitor. This unit has a remote, which is better than a unit with in-line controls. I don't like spending too much money for products but to get what is wanted and good quality, I had to and glad I did.


his USB light bar is great for anyone like me who has a difficult time seeing the keyboard. This product gives the user a variety of light setting such as warm, cool and also let the users choose how bright or dim they required. The controller is a bit tricky to operate, but after a few minutes, you will get an idea. The control box is rechargeable and will work within a 10-foot distance—the light bar clips on no screw or messy tape. 

Dave S

Works right out of the box. Also your video camera can be perched above the lamp. Even light distribution. Color temperature selectable. Ingenious remote control though a bit sensitive to fine adjustments. You need a strong USB power output to power the lamp otherwise full brightness will not be attainable photo is my power meter connection to lamp

D Long.

Los Angeles, CA

30 day happiness guarantee.